-English Information-

atelier ´freudensprung´ means „jumping for joy“.

Words and colours make our lives bright and deep.
For me they are tools. How you use them, it will decide up to a certain point in which direction  you want to think or rather go.

I am painting as well as writing.
With my work I want to tell stories about life as it is and as I reflect it. In my understanding words and colours support the process of forging our lives. For me, this power is wonderful to use to inspire – especially children – through books.

My name is Judith. I’m a freelance artist from Vienna, Austria. My focus lies currently on children books but I would have fun to design your ideas for your CDs or invitation cards.

For my illustrations I use coloured pencils, ink, acryl and watercolor on paper or wood. But since a while now I love to work on wood. Sometimes I allow myself to be led by the wood grain and combine it with the theme I am working on.My paintings are all made of oil.

You can find work examples in my portfolio.
If you are interested in working with me please send me a mail. I am looking forward to hear from you.